'Bb' Clarinets

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  1. Buffet E13 Clarinet

    Buffet E13 Clarinet


    For players upgrading from a student clarinet (usually made of plastic) the wooden E13 gives an immediate boost to the quality of the sound. Learn More
  2. Buffet R13

    Buffet R13


    One of Buffet Crampon’s historic models. Learn More
  3. Buffet RC

    Buffet RC


    Evolved from the R13 model with distinctive barrel and bell shape. Learn More
  4. Jupiter JCL 700SQ clarinet

    Jupiter JCL 700SQ clarinet


    New model, upgraded from JCL 631 Learn More
  5. Selmer Privilege

    Selmer Privilege


    Haled as the next great breakthrough in clairnet design, the Privilege Series clarinets are known for their efficiency and reliability. 

    A clarinet of exceptional warmth, the Privilege features a sound that is never harsh . . . even at extreme fortissimos.

    Learn More
  6. Selmer Seles Prologue Clarinet

    Selmer Seles Prologue Clarinet


    Henri SELMER Paris is extending its range of clarinets and presents, under the brand Seles, a new ebony Bb student clarinet named Prologue. Learn More
  7. Yamaha YCL 255

    Yamaha YCL 255


    The new Yamaha YCL 255 is an update over the ever-popular YCL 26 and is excellent value for money. Learn More
  8. Yamaha YCL450

    Yamaha YCL450


    The YCL-450 offers a surprisingly 'professional' sound with an easy response. Learn More

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