Group A

Brahms      Sonata in F minor, 4th movt 
 - Sonata in F minor (Wiener Urtext)
Cavallini      La Calma (Romanza senza parole) 
 -  La Calma (Lazarus)
Chapple      No. 1 and no. 5 from A Bit of a Blow 
 - A Bit of a Blow (Bosworth BOE005035)
Debussy      Danse Bohémienne from Claude Debussy Clarinet Album
 - Claude Debussy Clarinet Album (Universal UE 21264)
Dunhill      Phantasy Suite, 1st and 2nd movts 
 - Phantasy Suite (Boosey M060019036)
Gregson      Tributes, no. 3: to Igor Stravinsky 
 - Tributes (Novello)
Horovitz      Sonatina, 1st movt 
 - Sonatina (Novello NOV120541)
McCabe      Nocturne, no. 1 and Improvisation, no. 2 from Three Pieces for Clarinet
 - Three Pieces for Clarinet (Novello NOV120135)
Oberthür      ‘Le Désir’, Nocturne op. 65
 - ‘Le Désir’, Nocturne op. 65 (Lazarus)
Pierné       Canzonetta op. 19
 - Canzonetta op. 19 (Leduc AL8206)
Poulenc      Sonata, 2nd movt: Romanza
 - Sonata for Clarinet and Piano (Chester CH70972)
Rae      Southwold Sonatina, 1st movt: Sole Bay
 - Southwold Sonatina ( Reedimensions RD 001)
Rodgers      Spanish Sonata, 1st movt 
 -  Spanish Sonata (Stainer H386)
Schumann      No. 2 from Fantasiestücke op. 73 [A or Bb clarinet] 
 - Fantasiestücke op. 73 (Henle HN416)
Spohr      Recitativo ed Adagio [complete] 
 - Recitativo ed Adagio (Emerson E402)
Stanford      Sonata op. 129, 2nd movt: 
 - Sonata op. 129 (Caoine Stainer H44)
Szalowski      Sonatina, 3rd movt 
 - Sonatina (Chester CH55735)
Tartini      Concertino, 3rd and 4th movts
 - Concertino (Boosey M060027833)
Weber      Concerto no. 2 in Eb, op. 74, 2nd movt: Romanza [with cadenza]
 - Concerto no. 2 in Eb, op. 74 (Boosey M060029486)

**Candidates may replace one group A or group B piece with one Eb clarinet or bass clarinet item.**

Eb clarinet
Marcello      Sonata in G: Andante and allegro 
 - Sonata in G (Rubank HL004476862)
Bass clarinet
Dubois      Voltage Suite, 2nd movt: Tango 
 - Voltage Suite (Billaudot GB3029)
Favoreel       Zebus Metropolis
 - Zebus Metropolis (EM6012)