List B

1 Keith Amos Lupin, the Pot-Bellied Pig: No. 9 from The First Amos Flute Album
2 Ros Stephen Guanabara Bay: No. 1 from Flute Globetrotters
3 Rodgers & Hammerstein Edelweiss: from The Sound of Music, arr. Thomson

4 Heather Hammond Funk Factory. Funky Flute Repertoire, Book 2, arr. Hammond (Kevin Mayhew: piano accomp. published separately)
5 Alan Haughton Partying: from Fun Club for Flute, Grade 1–2 (Kevin Mayhew: piano accomp. and part published in Teacher Copy)
6 Cecilia McDowall Moulin Rose. Harlequin, Book 1, arr. McDowall (Cramer)
7 Aldo Rossi Un dolce sogno (A Sweet Dream): No. 5 from 18 composizioni facili e progressive (Ricordi)
8 R. & R. Sherman Truly Scrumptious (from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang). Winner Scores All for Flute, arr. Lawrance (Brass Wind: piano accomp. published separately)
9 Sullivan Prithee, Pretty Maiden (from Patience). Music Through Time for Flute, Book 1, arr. Harris and Adams (OUP)