Group A

Abel      Flute Concerto in C, op. 6 no. 1, 1st movt: Allegro moderato
 -  Concertos 1 & 2 (Hunt HE73)
Arrieu      Sonatine, 1st movt 
 - Sonatine (Amphion DA00012600) 
C P E Bach      Sonata in E minor, 2nd movt: Allegro 
 - Sonatas book 1 (Bärenreiter HM71)
Donjon      Pan! Pastorale for Flute from 36 Solos for Flute 
 - from 36 Solos for Flute [ed. Peck] Fischer ATF 104
Elgar      Chanson de matin from An Elgar Flute Album
 - An Elgar Flute Album (Novello NOV120553) 
Gluck      Minuet & Dance of the Blessed Spirits from 36 Solos for Flute 
 - 36 Solos for Flute [ed. Peck] (Fischer)
Godard      Allegretto, no. 1 from Suite de trois morceaux  
 - Suite de trois morceaux (Chester CH55136) 
Handel      Sonata in A minor, HWV 362, 1st movt: Larghetto and 2nd movt: Allegro from Eleven Sonatas for Flute
 - Eleven Sonatas for Flute (Bärenreiter BA 4225)
Hart      City Life 2 or City Life 3 from City Life 
 - City Life (Brass Wind 2301)
Hoffmeister      Sonata in G, op. 21/3, 1st movt: Allegro assai 
 - Sonata in G, op. 21/3 (Schott FTR 171)
Hummel      Sonata in A, op. 64, 3rd movt: Rondo–Vivace
 -  Sonata in A, op. 64 (Kalmus)
McGuire      Caprice from Unbeaten Tracks for Flute
 - Unbeaten Tracks for Flute (Faber)
Pütz     Capricious Waltz      
 - Capricious Waltz (Schott ED 8515)
Rabboni      Sonata no. 1 in G or Sonata no. 3 in E from Sonatas for Flute & Piano book 1
 -  Sonatas for Flute & Piano book 1 (Mayhew)
Revell      Trois Pensées, no. 1: Je me demande 
 - Trois Pensées (Emerson E453)
Roussel       Aria
 - Aria (Leduc AL17876)
Rutter      Suite Antique, no. 1: Prelude 
 - Suite Antique (OUP)
Schocker      Soliloquy
 - Soliloquy (Presser 114–40943)
Telemann      Suite in A minor, Air à l’Italien [without the Da Capo] 
 - Suite in A minor (Peters EP 7787)
Woodall      Serenade from Flute Time Pieces 2
 - Flute Time Pieces 2 (OUP)

** Candidates may replace one group A piece with one piccolo or alto flute item.**


McDowall      Tongue in Cheek from Concert Studies for Flute
 - Concert Studies for Flute (Hunt HE15)
Ridout      No. 4 and no. 6 or no. 5 and no. 6 from Six Melodies for Flute & Piano
 - Six Melodies for Flute & Piano (Emerson E366)
Ridout      Down the Dale from Farndale Dances
 - Farndale Dances (Emerson E225) 

Alto flute
Parfrey      Lyric Moment
 - Lyric Moment (Emerson E1)