List A

1 Marjorie Corker      On the Hills (from In Ireland) from Time Pieces for Eb Saxophone, Vol. 1
2 Robert Jones      In Sherwood livde stout Robin Hood  from Time Pieces for Eb Saxophone, Vol. 1
 - Time Pieces for Eb Saxophone, Vol. 1, arr. Denley (ABRSM)
3 Fauré      Berceuse (from Dolly Suite). from Classic Experience Encores for Alto Saxophone 
 - Classic Experience Encores for Alto Saxophone, arr. Lanning (Cramer)
4 Handel      Trio (from Water Music). from First Repertoire for Alto Saxophone
 - First Repertoire for Alto Saxophone, arr. Harris and Calland (Faber)
5 Schubert      Who is Sylvia? from 
6 Tchaikovsky      March of the Wooden Soldiers  from Time Travels for Saxophone
 - Time Travels for Saxophone, arr. Buckland and Scott (Astute Music: Eb piano accomp. published separately)
7 Philip Sparke      Trumpet Tune. No. 6 from Skilful Solos for Alto Saxophone
 - Skilful Solos for Alto Saxophone, arr. Sparke (Anglo Music AMP 190-400)
8 Tchaikovsky       Chanson triste, arr. Harle. from Repertoire Explorer for Alto Saxophone 
 - Repertoire Explorer for Alto Saxophone (Universal UE 21486)
9 Trad.      What shall we do with the drunken sailor? No. 6 from Up-Grade! for Alto Saxophone
 - Up-Grade! for Alto Saxophone, Grades 1–2, arr. Wedgwood (Faber)